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Update on Apple Ad

October 29, 2007

Over at Digital Media Wire, Scott Carp thinks the Apple Ad from user Nick Haley is a put on:

Pretty slick, huh? Is it just me, or does something about this smack of LonelyGirl15 — just a bit too “authentic” to be believable? Nick got “discovered” by Apple execs after the video had only be viewed a couple thousand time — hardly a viral hit by YouTube standards.<!–

It’s possible that this is all a put on. My first instinct was to think that Chiat is smart enough to have thought of this one their own. See a farily decent, and even slick ad, and then make it more. But the thing i keep coming back to is this, the ad isn’t great. What’s great, and why we care, is that some dude in Leeds did it.

If you’ve ever used iMovie, you can see that transitions, effects, adding music, is pretty easy. The hard part of advertising, in general, is making something memorable. This little technique of using CGC makes it memorable.

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