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Daily Show learns to share

October 31, 2007


Interesting. It’s the fact that writer’s don’t get a cut of content that is shared online that seems to be one of the reason they are striking. From the Guardian UK

“WGA wants writers to receive a slice of the advertising revenue companies make when TV shows and films are streamed over the internet.”

After a week off, the Daily Show is back, and comedy central has re-tooled the website to allow people to watch the show on-line and share it. Take a look at a screen shot of the new site:

Daily Show

On the right hand side, they offer the code to embed the clip into blogs. Like YouTube, this will allow people to seamlessly share clips, by passing the need for YouTube. They also offer all the important Social Bookmarking sites.

But they also offer people the chance to log in and join the community. Now, I think this is the key to the whole thing. I think they should make people log in to watch the content. Admittedly, many people will give fake information, unless the log in was tied to winning a free trip to a taping.

Imagine the value to Daily Show advertisers if they knew the data about the people watching. Surely people will share their data if they have a chance to win a free trip to NYC to see a taping once a month?

Anyway, the overall point was this: there are half a dozen ways to share this video. It will get shared. And more people will ‘watch’ the Daily Show. And at a certain point, the real money will be in knowing who those people are.

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