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Will the writer’s strike change TV?

December 17, 2007

The writer’s of your favorite TV shows have been on strike for a while now. They are on-strike over the internet, and the sharing of content on it.

Alright, it’s not about the sharing of content. It’s more about the watching of content, and the advertising to people watching the content. But as the shows, it’s an inevitable road to a place where sharing the content is facilitated.

So, imagine if the writer’s, the creators of the content, just skipped the middle man? Since this fight is all about the potential millions available online, why even put shows on TV?

What if Heroes was internet only?

Think about it. Five years ago, people who create shows like Heroes for living needed a network to make their ideas a reality. If it didn’t run on a network, or even a cable network, then the writers and creators didn’t get paid.

That’s obvious.

But things change fast. Now, a creator of a show like Heroes could find investors. They could write it, cast it and shoot it and run it in Joost. Or on (or some such site). There’s is a promotional aspect to it that the networks help with. So, with the money raised, hire an announcer guy, shoot some previews and run then in the theaters. Or on YouTube.

The critical thing to do is add embed code and sharing tools to all video. The more people who share it, the more you can charge to advertisers. It’s all about eyes. Which is why this could all be about sharing.

Hello network TV without the network. Hell, it’s TV without the TV.  I’m game.


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