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December 19, 2007

We have a couple of tourist clients. They have a place that people go to when on vacation. 10 years ago, they would go to said places, take pictures, get them developed, then perhaps show off some of the pictures to friends and family locally.

“Wanna see my pictures?”, people asked. They wanted to share.

A few years ago, digital camera’s passed film cameras in terms of units sold. That changed the paradigm.

Now, there’s kind of a problem. Now people take pictures. Since they take a lot more (you can, you’re unlimited), there’s a problem with getting them developed. It’s time consuming to look through all the pictures and pick the ones to get developed.

Thus, pictures stay on a computer. And the computer is the place to share. Places like Flickr and Tabblo are trying to grab that business, to help you organize and store your pictures.

The question is, what are tourists places doing? What are the places that are the stars of the shots doing to attract this desire among visitors to share?

The short answer is not much. The next question is why?

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