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January 8, 2008 started with the idea that the country needed to move on from Bill Clinton’s moment with Monica Lewinsky. was given some of the credit for the rise of Howard Dean. Meetup is still being used by some of the more savvy politicians.
Ron Paul’s online support sets records for fund raising, and establishes the notion that news networks can’t do online polls because Paul supporters game them. (Paul supporters are offering up real good lessons on response bias).

Barack Obama uses Twitter to update supporters.
All candidate supporters use Twitter, and now there’s a site called Politweets: It’s a simple collection of all Tweets (twitter messages) that appear about candidates.
Watch the primaries. Watch Facebook get into the debates. Watch social networking emerge as a true tool for presidential candidates to speak directly to more and more people.
Will the candidates who use social media succeed? Will they use it wrong? Who can tell. One thing’s for sure, each candidate is a brand. And they are all using social media in some way. The manner in which they use it is a telling indication of their brand.
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