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Think of your best customers as friends

February 13, 2008

Social media has fans/friends/followers/subscribers. People who actively decide to engage with someone, or something.

What if a brand began thinking of these friends as their best customers.

If there was a room full of your brand’s best customers, what would you say to them? Would you try ot sell them stuff? Or would it be more likely that you would offer them stuff?

The best customers are fans. And the reason they are fans has everything to do with human nature: if I buy something from someone a lot, I will tend to talk about them in positive terms or the obvious question would be, why do you keep buying that stuff?

We’re fans of companies we like because if we can get other people to buy from them, it validates the purchase.

It’s almost like transplants to a city. In my city, the people who aren’t from here, but have moved here, tend to be the cities biggest advocates.

It’s not a stretch to think of your best customers as your best advocate. Some places already reward their best customers using loyalty programs. My favorite coffee place offers me a free pound of coffee with every ten pounds purchased.

That’s rewarding good customers.

Now though, there are tools in place to not just reward the best customers, but figure out a way to help amplify their admiration for your brand/product/service. Assume they would, then give them the tools to do it.

That’s the potential of social media. Let your best customers be your best customers.

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