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An awesome description of what’s ‘next’ in an agency

April 11, 2008

Nick Law, chief creative officer of R/GA, has a great article on what’s next in Creativity. This is my favorite part:

And so the time honored creative ritual just needs a touch of digital added at the end. The copywriter and art director can still return from their marathon coffee-fueled concept meditation with a glorious narrative. The below-the-line laity can then reverently receive this narrative before shuffling away to dutifully extrude it online.

This, we are told, is integration. For the web guy, who was recruited with the promise of a seat at the Bernbachian table, it feels more like integration at gunpoint. Instead of spending his time shoving a square-peg concept into a round-hole medium, web guy should look to his own patron saint, Marshall McLuhan.

It doesn’t matter how we get there. It doesn’t have to mean starting with digital, it simply means  starting with the room full of people who are bent on solving a communications problem. The current process of starting with media needs to be hacked.

So while I agree with Nick in some ways, in other ways I think if the the web guy gets added early, you’re just starting a little different. Not fundamentally different. And yet, we seem to be at a fundamentally different time. I could spend another thousand words describing how things are different, using examples like Dr. Pepper’s contest and the A.R.G from McDonald’s, but I think if you’re reading this blog, or any blog, you already know that things are different.

The question is how? And the other really big questions is this: if agencies figure out the how, then will they be able to convince their clients to change with them?

The bigger clients have. McDonald’s is doing an A.R.G. But will the mid-sized ones come along fast enough?


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