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Wired: TV Networks Seek Formula for Online Ads

April 14, 2008

Um, yeah. Wired Magazine has an article up right now with the title above. According to the article, the online entities of ABC, CBS and NBC are trying to find a method to make money online.

What’s good: they get more money for online ads.

“Networks now charge more per thousand viewers online than they do over the airwaves, where the average for a primetime show is about $25. Analysts put the online rate anywhere from $35 to $50 per thousand, though there are millions more potential traditional TV viewers.”

So the question is, why don’t they ask people to log in? I understand that watching TV online isn’t a habit people are used to. CSI gets 20 million viewers in one night, and the leading network ( gets 8.5 million people a month.

There’s room for growth. It’s a question of changing behaviors. Unless you read this article. Then you’re left thinking that the networks don’t want to encourage too many people to the Internet because it will cannibalize the business.

I think that’s crazy. I think the system is broken and less and less people will watch TV. But the network that could create a community will be the winner.


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