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An excellent use of Twitter

April 17, 2008

Two cool uses of Twitter. John Hodgman is using it to be funny. He’s funny, but it turns out he’s funny when limited to 140 characters. Since I follow him, yesterday morning I woke up to this:

This is Hodgman\'s twitter feed

Good morning Twitter, that is all. It made me laugh. And yes, it’s sort of swarmy to use Hodgman as something done well on Twitter. I get that it’s really name dropping, but there you go. I follow him.

The second thing is that Zappos Twitters. And they offered a promotion to all people who follow the Twitter feed. The first promotion was a pair of shoes to 10 random people. The second was a trip for two to Las Vegas for one lucky follower. According to his tweet, he had to pay for it himself in order to appease his lawyers, but it’s still a cool promotion. And a cool use of Twitter.

This week I will attempt to convince the head of my agency to get on Twitter. There’s tremendous value, in my opinion, for a CEO to use it. It says a lot of good things about the company.

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