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Typo negative

April 30, 2008

I think if one jumps into a social media space, one should do so with a goal in mind. Don’t just start a blog, or a twitter feed, or a Facebook page without a goal.

So I should explain the goal of this blog.

It’s not to make money. It’s not to make friends. It’s a place to store ideas that come to me throughout the work week and beyond. As a social media strategist, I think about tools like blogging a lot. The reason I have a WordPress blog is that WordPress is working hard at creating communities around blogs. I feel certain that within the next quarter, someone within our agency will propose a blog to a client.

One thing I realized last night, is that this blog is full of typos. It’s a place to think through ideas, but not one that I work hard at making spotless. Most of the ideas here are works in progress that could change on a dime. (Those two posts started with e-mail is dead, then, no it isn’t.)

If a blog is a community, then it’s only as good as the ideas in the community. And it’s only as good as the sum of it’s parts. And a part of any blog is the appearance. A post filled with typos, regardless of the reason for the typos, diminishes the ideas. That’s why, I plan to do a little work on fixing them.

A spat spit and polish, if you will.

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