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Get rid of the ‘about us’ page on websites

May 11, 2008

About Us, Company History, History, etc. The time has come to drop it from the corporate or brand site.

If we’re truly in a social internet revolution, in an era where we’re supposed to talk with the people, not talk to them, then the first thing to scrap is the About Us page. Have one, but link it to Wikipedia.

The Cast of Magnum P.I. - Larry Manetti as  Or...Image via Wikipedia

As Magnum PI used to say, “I know what you’re thinking.” You’re thinking that if a site links to Wikipedia, then someone might say something bad. You’re thinking that linking to Wikipedia is giving up control of the ‘about us’. In a sense, giving up control of history.

Let’s start with something we all know about the About Us page. It’s a load of rubbish. Check the analytics of the page and look at how many people actually visit it. Chances are good that your corporate or brand history is about the least compelling thing on your website. However, if a brand or company linked to Wikipedia in the About Us, that might be a compelling reason to click on it. Imagine, you could even put “Updated Frequently” on the company history — because a Wikipedia page can be updated frequently.

So the next question: is linking to Wikipedia giving up control? A little. But that doesn’t have to mean that giving up control means bad things. People will not automatically say something bad about a brand because Wikipedia is a community, and as part of the community, members care about accuracy. If something bad happens to a brand, it’s going to end up on the Wikipedia page, whether the brand links to it or not – but here’s the thing, it can be addressed with facts.

So ditch the About Us. There’s a whole community of people doing the work for you. It’s an evolving, accurate history and chances are good that it’s well written.

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