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Mashups that use Flickr tags

May 27, 2008

There are million upon millions of images on Flickr. This isn’t really a surprise. Ever since the camera, people have been dying to share the images of their vacation with other people.

Think of that old cliché about dad making the kids sit through the slide show (with little negatives) of mom and dad’s vacation. Or having to watch Uncle Frank’s (names changed to protect the innocent) vacation to Hawaii, and sit through the “speedo moment”.

Flickr didn’t invent the notion that people love to share their photos, they just made it easier for people to share. There are other entries in this category, but Flickr does a really good job at helping people organize, share, and tag their images.

Thus, there is a whole universe of images out there, from the community, filled with valuable tagged images. As marketers, we can take advantage of it.

If location matters (like, your client is a tourism-based client), the the creation of something to search those images in Flickr might be worth considering.

Take a look at this mashup called Tag Galaxy. It’s one of the most elegant things I’ve ever seen. It’s using the tag data in the flickr images to organize them in almost any conceivable way. This is the universe of images tagged “car” + “night”. Just about any conceivable tag can be explored.

A Mashup that Elegantly searches Flickr images

As marketers, we should be thinking about tools that help people use tools. If the agency that had Disney invented this tool, it would be a valuable way to show off the images of people on vacation.

Think about it. Flickr images are people showing off a thing because they encountered that thing on Vacation. If that thing happens to be your client, or the place your client is, or the thing your client’s customer’s use, then Flickr images can work as testimonials.

As marketers, once we agree and understand that people are sharing, we can think of different ways to take advantage of said sharing, on behalf of our clients.

That’s the power of tagging in a miscellaneous world.

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