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People like to share: Some companies don’t like that

May 29, 2008

We talk about people sharing digitally here at People like to share. Companies having a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, and finding creative ways to get their message out there. But imagine a scenario where your Facebook page didn’t load, but your competitors did because they paid an ISP more?

Or your message simply loaded slower? That’s Net Neutrality. Watch this. And think about it.

Save the internet. More importantly, save your place on it. This matters. From here.

So, all the stuff that we talk about, read about, that’s sort of what’s at stake. SEO, SEM, social media, etc. It’s all dependent on the ideas of the people who use the tools. And if you have to pay more to get your message across using these free tools, then what’s the point? Who would create a Facebook page if they had to give AT&T a cut? Not people. Let’s make sure people can keep sharing. Because things are just now getting fun.

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