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To blog or not to blog, that’s the agency question

July 15, 2008

The other day, I was hanging with my daughter signing songs. I told a friend of mine to join in and sing, and she said: “I can’t sing.”

Blogging is kinda like that.

See, she can sing, what she really meant is she can’t sing well.

Anyone can sing. Many people can’t do it well. Anyone can blog. Many people can’t do it well (see first sentence, and by the way, this isn’t a post saying that I blog well).

I tell you this because of this post about agencies having blogs. In it, the author writes:

It wasn’t that long ago that it was said, “Every business needs a Web site.” Today it’s, “every business needs a blog.” Your prospects have come to expect a blog from your business. This is particularly true if you business happens to be an advertising agency.

Is that right? Is it simply about blogging?

Admittedly, later in the post he talks about how it important that it’s done well, but no where does he talk about the danger of not doing it well.

A blog from an agency is an extension of that agency’s brand. And even though blogs are free, a blog that isn’t done well could harm business relationship. Imagine if an agency blog had a dumb thought? It’s not hard to think about an agency having a crappy blog post here and there when things are busy. Blogs need to be updated frequently.

And sometimes when the bloggers sing, the sound that comes out of their mouth is crap.

So, I would recommend to all agencies thinking about starting a blog to get some posts in the bank for those days when the client keeps calling.

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  1. July 15, 2008 3:56 pm

    Just a word from the author of the blog post about agencies having blogs. First let me say thank you for the mention of one of my recent blog post.

    Please note that this is one post and the audience is primarily ad agencies who are behind the curve when it comes to using Web 2.0 tools, in particular blogs.

    If you’ll read through a number of my other post you will see that I’ve encouraged agencies to experience blogging for themselves and practical tips on the best way to blog. Such as an agency blog must be written for the benefit of their audience. Be willing to give their thinking away. It is not a platform to brag and boast about the agency. I’ve stated emphatically that the first time an agency blogs about their awards and accomplishments they will lose their audience.

    There was a time ad agencies led the way with new technology but they are woefully behind with this new medium. My point, ad agencies need to “practice what they preach.”

    Thanks again.

  2. July 16, 2008 1:47 pm


    I just finished a long discussion with one of my agency clients this morning. Their point of difficulty as with most of my clients is narrowing their focus to a particular audience. It’s much easier to develop a blog if you have a target audience in mind and you are writing to address their marketing challenges and obstacles. I’ve preached for agencies to think of their agency as their most important client. Be a specialist instead of a generalist. Blogging is a great agency promotion tool, if utilized correctly. It helps an agency to focus and lead with what benefits their target audience. When they have success, prospective clients actually calling the agency wanting to engauge, it becomes a powerful tool to demonstrate to their prospective clients that they not only talk the talk but walk the walk. I also share that consistency is more important than perfection – don’t wait until you have the expertise, the best way to learn how to use these tools is to experience it. Make it work for the agency and then you can be a help to your clients.

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