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YouTube is where people watch videos

July 16, 2008

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Should you put your client’s TV ad (or other video assets) on YouTube? The obvious questions seems like yes. That’s where people go to share their videos, watch videos and talk about videos.

But, I always wondered if there was a flip side.

With 1,000,000,000 videos on YouTube, why not throw your video assets onto Veoh, or Metacafe, or some of the other places where there aren’t a billion things competing with your video?

Thankfully, the nice people at TubeMogul have answered the question. More people will watch a video at YouTube. A lot more.

In a study called “Which Video Sites Deliver the Most Views?”, which you can download here, they report:

“…on average, videos uploaded to YouTube consistently get more views than any other site, regardless of category.”

To be honest, I thought that the logic of going into some of the smaller places was sound. They still get boatloads of people watching videos. And then the video didn’t need to sit in YouTube ether, with the agency wondering if it was getting watched or not. But none of that really matters to me, because I have a TubeMogul account. So they upload video for me, and give reports.

TubeMogul is turning into not just a good site for uploading videos to the various sharing sites, but since they are really all about gauging viewers, they are turning into a real asset on understanding video consumption. For example, they report that 25% of the views of a video online are watched 90 days after the launch. Meaning, if the marketing asset has some sort of time sensitive offer, it should probably be taken off the video.

I suspect that one day, these reports will be worth money as their base of data grows.

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