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Facebook adds some whitespace

July 24, 2008

Found a link to the New Facebook from a fellow WordPress blogger Nicola Davies (note, the WordPress Marketers Blogs are on the right side). Anyway, her take on the new design:

I kinda like it actually. The cynic in me thinks a lot of these changes just create more room for advertising. Only time will tell..

So, I immediately went to look at what a Facebook Page looks like in New Facebook. And, well, it looks weird. It really does look like old Facebook with a wide screen. Here’s a screen shot of a Page I helped put together for a local Buffalo, NY company:

Urban Roots Facebook page

Urban Roots Facebook page

As you can see, it just sits there in the middle of a crapload of whitespace. There’s more white space than content. Which lends some credence to what Nicola thinks: this is all part of the plan to add more inventory for shiny, flashy banner ads. If that’s the case, I can imagine brands wanting out of Facebook.

But Facebook (with the exception of Beacon) is all about the people on it. And to that point, the profile update looks good in new Facebook. So perhaps they are slow to getting to Pages. Maybe the plan is to let brands eventually update the page.

I hope so.

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