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Social Media Rule: Not talking means being part of the conversation

August 27, 2008

Rules have always been made to be broken. Step one in rule breaking is rule knowing. Here then, are my rules. I’m not numbering them, but I will post them so people can start breaking them.

Social Media Rule: Not talking means being part of the conversation.

Think about it this way: when you walk past someone in the hall, and they say hi to you, if you ignore them, you’re saying an earful. In real life, not saying something says as much as our gestures. Which is a lot.

Sometimes I like to think about social media like the guy nod. The guy nod is that nod guys give each other as they walk by. We’re talking perfect strangers, nodding to each other. Imagine what it would say to the initial nodder to not return a guy nod. It would say a lot. Without a single word.

A man winking his right eyeImage via Wikipedia

Now pretend there’s a conversation going on about a brand. That the brand isn’t in the conversation says something to the people having the conversation.

Likewise, if the brand is engaged in social media, say with a blog, and someone posts something negative, not posting the negative comment says something about the brand. Not addressing it says even more (it’s almost an admission of whatever they said).

I’ll say it again: whether brands like it or not, people are sharing their thoughts, images and videos about brands. And even the brands that aren’t engaged are saying something.

So it might as well be more positive.

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