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The goal for this blog

October 27, 2008

I’ve finally decided one thing, this blog is a place for me to figure out stuff. That’s it. Look, I think it’s neat that people read my thoughts, typos and all. I appreciate the occasional comment. Today I saw this stat about People like to share:

Less than 1% of a small enough number come back. (Hi mom!)

The vast majority of the people who come to this blog come through a search for “Importance of the internet”. I love how people are using the internet to determine it’s importance. It’s almost like they answer their question through the manner in which they ask it. Meaning, what can I offer? they already know.

So as you can see, it’s one hit and they’re gone. When I saw that stat, all the other numbers on my blog disappeared. Because HITS don’t matter, stays do. And since this blog has been a place where I free associate ideas, the lack of a cohesive interconnectivity means a lack of community. I’m not really focussed on one thing, so this place isn’t really a one-stop shop.

Which is why I’ll carry on working through ideas, thoughts in a non connected way.

As this whole social media thing heats up, I’ll have lots of cause to really get into what we’re trying to do. For example, right now we have a client who is letting us take some dips into social media, and it’s going rather well. I have some ideas to grow the community that I plan to test. Part of it is simple and straight forward rewarding, but another part is apmplification of their message.

I think that if we, as brands, can help amplify people’s digital presence, they will in turn amplify ours. (Amplify is just a fancy word for “word of mouth“).

As long as our message isn’t “go buy our stuff”, I think people will play along if you give them what they want. This blog will continue to explore if that’s true

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