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Why brands should Twitter

November 5, 2008

Generally, I think that web 2.0 things should be considered tools to achieve a goal. Pick the goal, and then find the right tool. That’s marketing 101 anyway. For the most part, marketers don’t start saying, “we’re gonna do radio”. They start saying “we want to tell these people this”, and then someone in media determines that radio is the best way to tell them this.

That said, I think brands should use Twitter. it’s free to register a username, and people are username squatting already so you might as well. So go, register at Twitter, and then I’ll explain the reasons you just did it.

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1. Expertise. Twitter lets a brand show people that it’s an expert at it’s thing. The brand doesn’t have to get all the expertise in one post, it can do it over the course of time, but this is doable. if you think of Twitter as the painting of a large picture, the details bruch strokes gives the overall impression of expertise.

2. People who are using your brand are talking about it on Twitter. Just do a Twitter Search for your brand. or your competition. If you find no conversation in the course of a week about your brand, then I’ll concede that you should stop now and not twitter. (Just in case that changes, you’ll be ready to go with your username)

3. It can be pulled to a website to help SEO. It’s an RSS feed, so it can be pulled into the brand site to give it the impression of continued updating with keywords that impact your brand category.

4. It’s not about selling, it’s about helping people buy. Either through servicing their needs, or answering questions, or merely pointing out times to consider purchasing.

5. It’s not ask for the order, it’s simply tell people about the offer. It’s telling, not selling. Be conversational, and perhaps, if you’re lucky, people will think of your brand when it’s time to make a purchase decision.

6. And yet, if you add value in some way by showing your expert. By offering value (or free things to your best customers, ie, people who follow you), then it’s not bad to once in a while tell people a price point (or, advertise directly). Just do the other stuff more.

The purpose of all marketing is to sell stuff. Brands aren’t doing this because they like spending money and  have time to kill. The overriding purpose of all marketing is to sell stuff. But that should never be the goal.

As I said to a colleague today, if a client has the goal of selling more stuff with any marketing, they shouldn’t hire an agency, they should hire more salespeople.

That said, brands should seriously consider hiring an agency to write their Twitter feed. See, a little sales pitch at the end never hurt anyone.

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  1. November 5, 2008 6:19 pm

    Thank you for linking to Old Media, New Tricks!

    Twitter’s good for lots of things, and successful bloggers can use it to drive tremendous amounts of traffic.

  2. November 13, 2008 9:50 am

    Great points and I agree. Once individuals, teams, departments understand that their actions create a branding effect in the minds of others around them, they begin to understand the benefits of sharing pieces of information that shape other’s opinions.

    I had a post a while back where I used Twitter to describe how a project team could use this tool to impress (hopefully) their new clients with their actions by announcing with Tweets the progress of the project. You can find the post here:

    Good Hunting,

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