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Motrin update: a brilliant response

November 18, 2008

This is an excellent response from YouTube user imperfectparent, the perfect name for someone to respond to Motrin.

You’ll read about how this is all about J&J not knowing about Social media. You’ll read baout how clever people are for getting their message out there. What you won’t read about is how imperfectparent is using social media in a brilliant way.

They are jumping into the conversation. They are subtly linking back to their YouTube channel, which links to their blog. They will get a tremendous amount of play out of the ad they created. And while it’s a clever idea, it’s an incredibly timely, relevant idea. People will forward it not for it’s content, but for how it fits into the conversation.

Let me say that again: people will forward it for the context, not the content. Alone, it’s not satire. In this context, it’s brilliant satire. And it’s a brilliant social media move that will drive people to their site.  In fact, it might drive so many people that the site is down.

Clearly, it worked better than anticipated.

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