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Banana Republic is smart

November 26, 2008

[This started as a response here.]

In a recent post about LinkedIn called What’s good about LinkedIn, I briefly mentioned the banner ad campaign that Banana Republic did (or is still doing). Here’s the ad:

Banana Republic on LinkedIn

It’s a promotion. But it talks about Polishing your profile. And it means your LinkedIn Profile. In order to qualify for the $1000 wardrobe, you have to update your LinkedIn profile.

Now, I would add that I think they should have made that much more explicit, but I like where they are going.

That’s understanding the insight around why people are using the LinkedIn network. It’s about their personal online and offline brand. After updating my LinkedIn profile (which is good for LinkedIn), I then was given the option to enter the contest.

Clever. Simple. Relevant.

Advertising people have been in the interruptive business for over 50 years. And for the last decade, as more channels (literal TV ones and figurative online ones) came into being, our response was to get MORE interruptive. So this will be a learning curve. But the smart ones are up to it.

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  1. November 26, 2008 4:24 pm

    Very interesting. Was just speaking with someone yesterday about ways to make ads on social networks more relevant, more a part of the total experience. Liked the Jameson Pandora mix ad that Brogan mentioned this week, too.

    Hmm… I smell a “Hits and Misses” post…


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