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This isn’t marketing

December 8, 2008

So, we concede that the internet is an important part of everyone’s lives. The number one looked at post in this blog is called the Importance of the Internet.

But that doesn’t mean that websites are important.

Think about it. Is this a website? Or would call this a blog. Do you visit the Facebook website? Or simply Facebook?

How about when you don’t know the answer to something. Do you do a search at the Google Website? Or the Yahoo website?

No. These aren’t websites. These are tools. Digital tools. So when people want to use these digital tools, like Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever, it doesn’t occur to them that these aren’t websites.

But one idea does occur to them: this isn’t marketing. it’s because using Twitter, Facebook, Google Earth,, a blog, etc, doesn’t fit into the compartment that marketing people are used to. The interactive department does websites. So is this interactive?

Is it creative?

Is there a job title in an agency that would be responsible for a Twitter feed?

As much as I argue that there aren’t Billboard Marketers, and thus there shouldn’t be Social Media Marketers, I think agencies need someone to talk about the cause in terms that they can understand. Marketing terms. It means, when they ask “How do we make money”, or “how do we start”, or whatever, there needs to be a point person in the agency that can get the ball rolling. Or the Twitter feed feeding.

That’s why we need some social media evangelists. And why the people who do it in an agency had better tell some brands that it’s not right for them.

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