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Why blog

February 3, 2009

Today at an off-site meeting, we talked a lot about bloggers. Primarily, we focused on mommy bloggers, but I think one can pick any topic or subset of people (social marketing bloggers for example) and wonder why blog.

I think the answer is simple. Bloggers have something to say. And this is a good outlet to say it.

The first blog I started was about my daughter. The things I had to say were about being a dad, being a new parent, and learning what happens when you start feeding a little one solid food. How she never slept through the night. Etc. That blog is still going, but it was less and less about just Autumn, and becoming more and more about social media, and people sharing.

So I started this blog. Because I have some things to say about people sharing. And how brands should get on there and help people share in a way that’s mutually beneficial. Because I think people will share content about brands if there’s a compelling reason to do it. Some are doing it already because the reason is the brand is part of their life. Some brands already do a good job at being part of daily life.

But other brands can find their way into the bloggers brand time line by being a little creative. I don’t mean stalking people, or coming up with a creative pitch, I mean by helping them do what they do. Give them something to say.

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