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Delicious can show off how smart you are

February 10, 2009

Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you are interested in social media. You’re interested in adding to the conversation, engaging in the conversation, whatever buzz word you want to use to denote reading blogs, commenting on blogs, using Twitter, and chat. Any or all of these are excellent tools for letting people know you understand the emerging digital landscape. And I use that term, a clear buzzword-worthy term because the old buzzwords of social media, new media, and web 2.0 are past us.

The gates of social networks are opening up. (Check out this powerpoint presentation on the Future of Social Networks by Charlene Li, the Author of Groundswell). So I prefer to look at the landscape as a whole, and call it the web, the digital landscape, or something that I might think of tomorrow in the shower.

So, in this emerging digital landscape, there are well-defined tools that can accomplish well-defined goals. There’s your classic blog; the goal of a blog is to show people how smart you are. The goal of Twitter might be to show how smart you are with few words.

But let me throw out another option for also showing how smart you are. It’s called Delicious, and it’s social bookmarking.

Delicious can show off how smart you are by what you read. The links that you add, and the description you add, are the equivalent of forwarding an e-mail to your boss with a note that says: this is a great article on social bookmarking because it explains how it can create a big picture.

A set of Delicious links about the topic you know, or are studying, creates a picture of knowledge. Using Wordle, you can see my Delicious tags.

This is a visual of the things I save

This is a visual of the things I save

But it’s more than just this fun little picture. It’s a listing of the things you think are smart. Showing off interesting or smart things is a simple way to look smart.

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