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Stop doing websites

March 2, 2009

This is the new website for Skittles. (Only plays on Firefox)

I’ve long thought that a digital presence for brands would be better than a website. Did I think it would go this far?

No. But I think the bar is being raised. Instead of thinking about ‘websites’, it’s more important to think about digital presence. The digital presence is there anyway.

Why wouldn’t a website with an ‘about us’ page also have ‘what the people say about us’ on Wikipedia?
Why wouldn’t ‘people’ link to LinkedIn.
Why wouldn’t “company culture” link to Facebook.

You could go on.

Skittles says rethink the entire idea of ‘website’. (So does People like to share)

Facebook isn’t a website. Neither is YouTube, or Twitter, or LinkedIn. We don’t say, I’m going to the Facebook website to update my status. We just say Facebook.

Websites are so last century.

Stop doing websites. Start thinking about a digital presence.

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