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My online video opinion is changing

March 24, 2009

I think, when it comes to video, there’s a clear distinction between traditional TV commercials and Web Commercials. It’s simply this: a TV spot needs to get noticed, a web spot needs to get shared.

knowing that, one would think that a TV spot starts with fanfare, whereas a web-only spot would end with it. But it’s not that simple either. It’s more simple to think of it this way:

A TV spot is paid media. The goal of it is to get noticed.

A TV spot on YouTube, or submitted to social bookmarking sites, doesn’t need to get noticed. Everyone who watches it chooses to watch it.

That’s a pretty important distinction. As TIVO is illustrating, no one wants to watch TV spots on TV. But TV spots on the web, done a little different, get views. Especially the ones who think about why people are viewing, and more importantly, why people are sharing.

People will share a branded video. They shared Bud’s Swear jar. They shared the Cadbury’s Gorilla. They shared Tiger Woods walking on water for EA sports.

They will share. And sometimes, they will comment. And that brings me back to my initial question: This is a spot designed for Paid media from our agency. It’s a nice spot, but there isn’t anything that would cause someone to share it.

Except, there are 94 comments.

And that’s interesting. 94 comments is a conversation. Now, part of that could be because one of the actors in the spot has her own MySpace page that has this spot on the top. But again, that only drives people to look at the spot. Not to actually comment.

So, my whole opinion about online video is changing. Maybe it’s interesting music — one of the comments is “Can this be made into a ring tone?”. Maybe it’s hiring actors who have a social media presence, who will then amplify the spot. Actors are self-promoters, and social media is an excellent avenue for self promotion. When considering an actor, see how many friends they have on their Facebook page, or MySpace page.

It will help get the spot seen more. But then watch for comments. And if the brand lets you, respond.

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  1. March 24, 2009 5:00 pm


    A lot of the comments are about the song (and the “shoulder dance” towards the end.) And just generally the overall perky, nostalgic vibe of the spot.

    I wonder if your client chimed in on the comments that they can find the song, and others like it, on a “Good morning” Pandora or iTunes playlist, what the reaction would be?

    Just pondering out loud.

  2. March 25, 2009 12:07 am

    Did you make the MP3 or ringtone? If one person is asking I imagine there must be a few more who also want it.

  3. March 25, 2009 8:53 am

    Good thoughts. Never thought about the ring tone, although I did throw some ideas to them for responding.

    I’m also really interested in the idea of casting based on social media influence. When picking an actor for a spot, should soc media influence count?

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