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Show fans the ideas you didn’t use

March 26, 2009

Fans. Those are the people on your company Facebook page. The people who follow the Twitter feed. the people who care about the brand. They are the ones who will look at the “Making of” a television commercial. The ones who will look inside the brand, if you give them that look.

For the launch of the new MINI Cabrio, Plantage Berlin tried something that I’ve always wanted to try. Releasing a whole pile of ideas in one book. so the book contains Guerrilla Marketing ideas that people can try. I’m not sure if people will try them, but I do know that a collection of ideas about what the brand says is a great way to push the brand.

The introduction of the book

The introduction of the book

And I also know this: when thinking about ideas for a launch like this, they must have had a whole pile of ideas. And for the most part, these ideas end up first on the agency floor, and then on the clients floor.

Consider: the typical campaign for a client has dozens of ideas. The internal team then narrows down those ideas to the best ones that go in front of the client. From there, the very best of the those ideas run.

All the other ideas. The ones scrapped for whatever reason, are never used again.

Now, I should point out that this isn’t how Plantage is positioning the book. It’s actually like this:

“Viva le Revolution” is a MINI book that tells the story of the
“Always Open” campaign and is full of MINI-inspired guerilla marketing
ideas. It invites readers to become part of the MINI revolution and
share their MINI Cabrio experience by implementing one or more of
these radical ideas. In Cabrio-Booth, the photos of MINI Cabrio
drivers are manipulated to show the face of the driver affected by the
elements following an open top experience. Images show different faces
overwhelmed by icicles, twigs, leaves, bugs or snow.

Which is fine. But it has me thinking about the kind of content that fans would like to see. why not show them the ads that didn’t make it? Explain why. This ad doesn’t quite show off the fun of driving a MINI. This ad doesn’t do a good enough job of showing off the handling.

Inside of the explanation would be product attributes. That’s what often happens anyway: the client says that so-and-so ad doen’t communicate X as good as the other ad they picked.

Inside look. I think it’s great. Here’s the YouTube channel for more.

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