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The Secret to SEO

May 11, 2009

As a copywriter, I think SEO is fairly simple. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and this post isn’t meant to belittle it. It’s imortant, and there is a lot of detailed stuff that I don’t fully understand.

But I want to take a second and offer up a theory as to why it was needed in the last decade.

For a long time, websites were not written by copywriters.

It wasn’t necessary, and copywriters are expensive. The client can just write it. This was in the days when marketing was the primary driver of people to websites. Think “visit for details”. And so it went.

Then along came Google. Google became important because it figured out how to offer people relevant information. And the people behind Google work hard to continually make it a better tool. What Google figured out was how to return relevant results to a search query.

It finally mattered what a website said. But, instead of simply writing a website that people would want, the SEO industry was born. These are the people who understood the manner in which Google found relevant results. Meta Tags, page titles, and keyword rich content were the keys to the Google lock. And so it went.

Until people began adding free analytics to pages. And noticed bounce rates with numbers reserved for Senior Citizen’s homes.

Turns out, the way to lower a bounce rate is the same way to make the website all SEO-enabled. Get a copywriter to write relevant copy designed to attract your target market.

Yegads. This is beginning to sound like marketing.

And one final thing:

A few months ago, I was doing a search for one of our clients. I typed in my query, and Google asked me if I would like to tell it the zip code. The thing I was searching for was something someone would only want locally. Let’s say a dry cleaner. If I search dry cleaner into Google, it doesn’t want to return me a dry cleaner in the South of France. It wants to give me a map.

But in order for it to really work, it doesn’t just need me to give it a zip. It needs websites to tell search engines where they are. But more importantly, it needs them to be hyper-relevant.

Be relevant in all aspects of your site. Especially the copy.

It’s actually quite simple: offer relevant content to the right people and you’ll be rewarded by them and Google.

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  1. May 11, 2009 9:52 pm

    You write it in a quite simple but excellent post. Thanks for sharing. I completely believe with you, it all comes down to the relevance of the content your site has to offer, this is what I try to optimize with most of my seach engine marketing campaign and yes, it really seems to be working. Content is king and if you offer best, relevant information, you really would get ahead of the tough competition in your niche market.

    • May 12, 2009 10:44 am

      Copywriters, in my humble opinion, are excellent at writing relevant stuff. More people should consider them.

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