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Social bookmarking can prove a brand’s positioning

May 18, 2009

Every business knows their business. When we do marketing for a client, they will always know more about their business, and their category, then we will. True, good marketers get to know the brand and the category like the back of their hand. But the people who work at the place are the true experts.

In the learning process of a client, we often throw up Google alerts for the product and category. We use these alerts to get a feel for what people are saying about the brand, or the category.

Plus, the client is likely going to send articles related to brand and category. Which begs the question: what can be done with the wealth of content out there in the world about the brand?

Set up a delicious feed. You may have heard of Delicious. It’s a Yahoo company, and it’s one of the earliest of the social bookmarking tools.

Gather all the mentions from the blogosphere and traditional media, and add them. Add tags that make sense to your category, and add the bookmarks. Delicious will be a picture look at the brand’s intelligence.

Simple fact: people will make a judgment on the brand by what the brand says it reads. If the links that the brand offers are all intelligent, and relevant to the promise the brands make, it will only enhance that promise.

A set of Delicious links about the topic you know, or are studying, creates a picture of knowledge. Using Wordle, you can see my Delicious tags.

This is a visual of the things I save

This is a visual of the things I save

But it’s more than just this fun little picture. It’s a listing of the things the brand thinks are smart, and things that fit with the brand promise. It’s a small thing. But it could help.

We’ve done this for a few clients. Once content is banked, there’s a bunch of stuff that can be done with the content. It just takes a little creativity.

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  1. May 19, 2009 2:14 pm

    Great post Matt – you don’t hear much about delicious and it’s good to see it used as an intelligence tool here…

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