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BFF=Your best customer

May 20, 2009

Millions of people are becoming fans of brands on Facebook. And they are earning followers on Twitter.

But that’s not the point. We’ve all seen the numbers, and quite frankly, they aren’t that big. Even 1000 followers pale in comparison to the kind of numbers a brand can get running a 30 second spot on Lost.

Because TV advertising isn’t dead. It never has been. In fact, it more alive then ever. Nigel Hollis suggests that it might be even more effective, since it’s getting more and more crowded. But that’s still about getting new customers.

What about your best ones?

Think about the old 80-20 rule, where it’s suggested that 80% of business comes from 20% of the people. There are some words to use to describe those people. Great customers. Advocates. Best Friends.


How would your marketing differ if you just focused on them? Smaller local places offer quasi-loyalty program to best customers; buy 9 coffees get the 10th free. But that’s a relationship based on a freebie. If the place down the road offered a free coffee after 5 coffees, then it’s possible that people will leave and go there. They are loyal to an offer, not a place.

But there are people who will stay. And those people should be rewarded. Social media can really help that reward by providing a channel into the brand. Will people go for it? The evidence so far is spotty. Some will. I’m not going to say all will. I don’t want you to think I’ve gulped the social media is great because it’s all about conversations koolaid.

I haven’t.

I think social media, especially in this instance Facebok and Twitter, can keep the conversation going with a brand’s BFF’s. But have a plan.

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