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Facebook for marketers

June 3, 2009

The ongoing effort by Facebook to monetize will be fun. They need two things, continued engagement, and a new way to think about advertising.

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In the continued engagement arena, they’re doing fine. Last year, time spent on the site jumped 700%. Additionally, they contineu to offer Facebook connect for free, letting people come up with many cool ideas for their own site.

So, getting people on the site, and engaged off of Facebook is step one. And they are doing it well. But step two has been the tricky one. This is one whereby marketers pay money to Facebook for something. We’ve thought it was ads, but ads suck because the click through model is flat out stupid (we don’t tie response to other forms of media, but that’s another post).

That’s what is intriguing about this Mashable post about Facebook advertising.

“Facebook has a new feature that lets advertisers create special ads for their Pages and Events…. The ads will appear just like other Facebook ads, but the users will be able to “Become a Fan” (if the ad is for a Page) or “RSVP” (if the ad is for an Event) directly from the ad, which will create a story in their profile page. Furthermore, these ads also contain friend actions, which means that users will be able to see which friends are fans of the Page or attending the Event in question.”

A while ago, a media person at my agency mentioned that Facebook might be able to one day deliver ads to the content on your page. IE, if you wrote: “I need a coffee” on your status, coffee ads could appear. And before you think this is big brotherish, it’s better to think that this is Google-ish. Google delivers ads based on your search, so why can’t Facebook deliver ads based on your profile?

I think Facebook’s redesign has turned it into a real asset for brands. The interaction we have on some of our pages is staggering. I’ve been looking forward to the day where we can really do some advertising on Facebook. Not banner advertising.

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