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How brands can use social media

June 8, 2009

On Thursday, I’ll be speaking at Entrepalooza. My presentation is about how brands can use social media to rule the world. Okay, that’s not true, it’s actually called “A Brief look at Web 2.0”, but it’s more an introduction with a few ideas.

In the presentation, I introduce the notion that things are a little different now. Just think about the difference between the path to purchase 5 years ago, and the path to purchase now. Even for non-considered items. You need Google maps to navigate your way through the path these days (wouldn’t that be cool though, if Google Maps could offer you directions from your consumer to the sale?)

I firmly beleive that social media shouldn’t be a silo, but I recognize the need for someone with social media in their title within an agency at this point. Things are moving so fast in the world of marketing, that it’s important to have someone looking to figure out how it all fits into the marketing mix. Think about it this way: do you think the Burger King Facebook friend sacrafice could have been created by people new to Facebook?

So while I think that social media is merely part of the marketing mix – in the same way Radio and Billboards are – I appreciate that there’s a need for a little bit of education. Twitter, Facebook, et al. are a little different. Understanding this difference is important if a brand wants to add social media in a meaningful way to their marketing mix. That’s why it’s important to do these little “Here’s social media, and here’s what people are doing in it” presentations.

It’s like this: understand the boundaries of the playing surface before one begins the game.

So this presentation is about those boundaries. It’s got a few elements of the game in it as well. So if you happen to be in Buffalo, check it out.


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