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On Story telling with social media

July 1, 2009

You can’t tell a story on Facebook. You can a little on Twitter, but with so many options, and so many tweets, it’s bound to be fragmented. And potentially without pictures.

you can’t really tell a story in advertising. I think the closest thing to a story is the ARG, but we’re not even sure if that’s advertising.

But what if you can tell a digital story using a bunch of different tools. What if you create a character, and let that character tell a funny, interesting, absurd story that focuses on the brand?

It’s the mashup of an ARG without the puppet masters, and the need to interact to figure it out. The story is there for people to see, and they’re entertained by it, even if it’s made up (think Lonelygirl15, without the backlash).

We’re about to try this with a acouple of brands. I’m calling it an ARG meets Theatre of the Mind, brought to you by brand X.

We have no idea if it will work, but we’re kinda interested. It’s the BMW idea. Use social media to tell a story, entertain, and perhaps encourage a certain behavior (the behavior being to consume the brand, though perhaps not right at that moment.)

It’s using social media to enhance a brand. It’s exciting, and takes some time, so I’ll be blogging a lot less.

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  1. July 1, 2009 4:44 pm

    oooo…. That sounds pretty darn cool, Matt. Looking forward to hearing what you learn. 🙂

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