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It’s deja vu all over again – why you need a marketing goal

August 10, 2009

I recently went to a potential new meeting to talk about their website.

“We don’t like the color.”, they said. “And we want to make the pictures bigger.” They added.

I didn’t say a word.

“And we want to be able to easily upload new pictures and content when we have it.”

I waited. Then asked a simple question:

“What is the goal of your website? More specifically, what is the 1 year goal, and the 5 year goal?”

It’s one I ask a lot. People rarely have one, thus, the only thing they can change about their website are the subjective things. Many clients are looking to ‘update their website.’ It’s code for chance the color from black to pink.

Or change a font.

Because that’s that the only thing they can have an objective opinion about. They can’t change the copy. Or rethink the site map, or analyze the analytics of the people going to the site because often they don’t have analytics (websites are older than analytics).

So here we are. We’re going through the motions of updating marketing tactics that have no goal, and we’re increasingly being faced with another one. The dreaded Facebook page. Started because it could be, it languishes with 100 fans (a real metric), and hasn’t been updated in a few weeks. It’s about as lively as a tea party of old ladies, and it needs help.

But that’s not the thing. It doesn’t need help.

Like the website before it, the Facebook page is the thing people created because everyone was doing it. Yes, some places had a goal, but most were just following the crowd. And because there isn’t a goal, there isn’t any objective way to determine if what they’re doing it good or bad.

So here we are again. Back in a full circle. There’s a simple answer here folks. It’s called a goal. Get one, or get out. That isn’t a social media axiom, that’s a marketing one. If you don’t know why you’re doing something, how on earth can you measure it?

So quit it.

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