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Social media is a test of brand

October 13, 2009

As much as people might like to think so, Facebook isn’t responsible for the fan.

The historical marketing is.The thing we might called Brand Advertising.

It’s the thing behind those first fans. To get those first fans, the brand needs to be strong.

Facebook can take credit for letting a fan be an advocate, ambassador, whatever. And the brilliance of Facebook is that it takes the “share to friend” aspect out of the scenario. Facebook automatically shares with friends.

But again: a fan is self-identifying as someone with a relationship to the product or service. In some instances, that relationship is foster through image advertising. (Admittedly, there is also relationship to an offer — I went to a Facebook page to get a $5 off coupon — and have never gone back).

So as people get excited that more money online is a good thing, I wonder. I think it’s dangerous to move all the money online. As I’ve argued before, I think it’s better to move the ideas online. Digital can and should be at the table at all times. But that doesn’t mean traditional advertising should end. TV is still the best way to build a brand. Print can evoke emotions better than banner ads.What needs to happen better is the combination of all the things.

Digital has so far been an extension of the traditional advertising idea. Now, it should just be part of it, when it’s relevant.

I personally think it’s a fun time. And more and more, I’ll say this: we’re all marketers now. On a vaguely related note, check out this blog post for a vaguely related topic.

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