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Google takes over your mobile life

December 10, 2009

Stop for a second and consider Google. They own search, if you don’t believe me google it.

But consider for a moment what people now use Google for:

And that’s just off the top of my head. Google is getting into the GPS Navigation business through the Android and Google Maps.

Google recently added a new feature to Google Maps called Place Pages. Google calls it “webpage for every place in the world”. Brands (or any businesses) can edit the places their places, add photos, YouTube videos, check reviews. They appear to be little microsites built in to maps.

This data will most-likely be available and useful on an phone that is acting as a GPS Navigation system through Google Maps. Won’t be long before finding a good restaurant in a city will be facilitated through Maps.

The pages are an alternative to Yelp. Indeed, the things on the list above are all meant to go after something. Google is circling the wagons.

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