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When mobile meets social

March 18, 2010

For a recent client event, we used Microsoft Tag. Tags are codes that look like this and work with Smartphones to generate an action. In many examples, we use Tags to get people to take shortcuts to review in our space. It might be a Facebook page, or it might be another website.

This image will take you to a client's Facebook page

As it says in the caption, if you take a picture of this with a smartphone, it will take you directly to a client’s Facebook page. This image is on premise (in store if you will), and is a shortcut.

This is free to use, with the only cost being the printing of the

Places have stories. Those stories are being told on Yelp, FourSquare, Gawalla and other tools using smartphones. But they are also told on Facebook, in texts, and other places. People are talking about restaurants, hotels, parks, and giving their opinions. A Facebook page is an excellent tool for capturing those stories, and Microsoft Tag is meant to make it easier.

But products also have stories. Who bought it in the past. Who used it in a unique way in the past. Who loves it. Those stories are being told on product review sites, and mobile phones can pull those up when a person is in the aisle. But, what if we could tell consumer generated stories in the aisle?

StickyBits, consumer generated stories.

StickyBits offers a barcode that can be scanned by smartphones. When a person scans it, they can see all the data that’s been added to date, and they can add data. The message can using any media out there: from videos to voice messages. Get the StickyBits app (free of course), and immense amounts of data are available.

10 years ago, B2B companies began turning their data sheets into PDF’s. Acrobat reader was free to read PDF’s, so companies went about educating people on the free reader. Think about StickyBits. As more people in B2B get smartphones, then companies could place installation instructions, technical manuals, and how-to-videos on the bar codes of the product.

A business card could contain a why you should do business with us message.

The possibilities are endless because there isn’t an end to the content that can be placed on a StickyBit by either consumers or companies.

In terms of monitoring, the app notifies the creator when a barcode is scanned.

It supports Facebook Connect for login, or asks for a unique login. But there are no other costs. As people get more and more smartphones, this kind of data build into products is set to explode.

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