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Facebook Google square off

April 22, 2010

Quick, which company knows more about you, Google or Facebook?

Facebook knows your status, your friends, your interests. And all of that used to be walled. But with news that ‘like’ is transcending the web, Facebook is looking to find out what you like outside of the friendly confines of their social network.

On the other hand, Google knows what you want. Or at least, what you tell it you want when you search. If you’re logged in, then Google knows a profound amount of information about you. From where you went on maps (or Earth), to what you blogged about on blogger.

I wrote a blog post about Facebook trying to be the new Google. And I still think it has a lot of work to do to get there. But clearly, in the marketplace, people think they are competing. Take a look at this:

Kind of crystallizes the conflict shaping up, doesn’t it?

It did for me. Now, I’m not one to think that Facebook is in competition with Google. But when you see this, you get the feeling that they are.

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