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May 3, 2010

Facebook recently change the language on their page from Like to Fan. I’m a fan of the decision, because it lets brands do some neat things. is doing something neat.

And anyone who wondered by people were no longer ‘fans ‘ and now just likers, need only to look at  community pages.

This is the “Community Page” for something I jokingly wrote that I was interested in:

This community page can link to a Wikipedia entry — so I looked. There isn’t a Wikipedia entry on changing diapers. There is a Wikihow page, so I added the link.

It’s not the official site, and linking to it doesn’t do anything except give me a message thanking me for making the page better. I’ve added official sites and Wikipedia entries to other community pages, but nothing has changed yet. When it does, I’ll update this post.

If you haven’t visited your profile page in a while, try going to it and see if Facebook offers you the option of linking your interests to existing pages.

The content listed in your interests will either link to a fan page or community page.

You can get really vague ones. I’m now a fan of the movie “ditto” because I wrote Ditto for an entry on Facebook (again, as a joke).

What does this really mean? If a brand didn’t have a Facebook page, it does now. My agency has a Facebook page, and Facebook created two Community Pages for it. I’m not sure why, but it all means there’s a few other pages to watch.

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