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Who should you connect with on LinkedIn?

May 6, 2010

Agencies pitch business. It’s what we do. Clients come and go, and the one way to get them to come is to pitch them.

So…we pitch.

10 years ago, when an agency was pitching, they only knew the names of the people in the room. Now, we can know just about everything about them.

Which raises the question I asked on LinkedIn:Should you connect before hand to people who you’re about to pitch? I was curious, and I got some answers. This was the best one:

“I would connect with them only if I WOULD have connected with them anyway (before I knew about the pitch). That is, if we had some legitimate relationship beyond “pitcher” and “pitchee.” Otherwise, the attempt to connect could easily be taken as brown-nosing, or nosiness, or an effort to gain an unfair advantage over competitors. And if you’ve got a great product and super pitch, why take chances with how your Linkedin efforts could be perceived (or misperceived)?

That answer is from Bob Slate. I bolded the last part because I agree.

Even though we can see a lot about the people we’re pitching, connecting on Linkedin is overstepping the bounds.

Do you agree?

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