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LinkedIn follow company — BP Crisis

May 25, 2010


There’s a Fake BP Twitter feed that’s kind of funny. Some examples:

Just saw new satellite images of the spill. Actually, it kinda looks like the Earth has a beauty mark! Ooolala! @CindyCrawford. #bpcares

Eating at a very expensive restaurant and spilled salad dressing on my pants. Not sure how to tackle this.

The ocean looks just a bit slimmer today. Dressing it in black really did the trick!

Here’s an article from adage talking about not taking it down.


I’m interested in how brands deal with a crisis, and I think you’ll agree BP has a whopper on their hands right now.

So when LinkedIn announced we could follow companies, I began following BP on LinkedIn. I have no idea what information I would get out of following, but I followed.  On Monday morning, I got an e-mail saying there were updates at British Petroleum.  This is a screen shot of the top of the e-mail.

LinkedIn, BP, oil, crisis

As I scrolled down, I came across this:

Now, I thought this was funny. BP, with a massive underwater oil leak, seeks a Subsea Controls Engineer, and a Safety and Risk Engineer.

Of course they do.But it’s sort of embarrassing to be letting me know, isn’t it?

We’re putting together crisis management documents at my agency, and I can tell you this: during a crisis, the brand wants to control the flow of information. But these days, it’s just impossible. LinkedIn is a perfect place to find a Subsea Controls Engineer, but the act of looking is information. And said information, released during a crisis can have the effect of undermining the brand.

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