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What motivates you?

June 7, 2010

For a zillion reasons, this is one of the best videos I saw last week. It’s changed direction on an internal project that I’ve spent 6 months working on. We’re almost starting again (though not from scratch, we’ve learned a lot about the route by taking different ones).

Take a look.

Putting aside the message, which is compelling, one is struck by the delivery. 15 years ago, I went to an author conference to watch some well-known authors read their books. W.P. Kinsella was there reading (not Shoeless Joe, one of my all-time favorite books).

He was great. He knew the timing of reading out loud (David Sedaris might be the best ever at reading his own stuff for the same reason).

A new author was next. She read her book in a way that one might read a shopping list. She tried inflection, but left me hoping it would end. I couldn’t get to the substance because of the delivery.

Finally, an actor read the last book. I have no idea what the book was about, but I was pulled into the story, much like I was when Kinsella spoke.


It’s absolutely crucial in the presentation of anything.

What you say is important. But I believe how it’s said is almost equally important. This is something we’ve known for years in advertising. We typical assign a copywriter (words) and an art director (pictures) to deliver messages.

The above video sinks in not just because the content is interesting, but because the deliver is awesome.

What examples of well delivered content have you come across?

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