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Disney/Pixar sells tickets to Toy Story 3 on Facebook

June 11, 2010

Turns out, you can buy tickets on Facebook, without leaving Facebook. There’s an app for that, as that dude Jobs says.

Here’s the path I took. This is the Facebook landing page.

So I clicked “add this app”.

Note, I didn’t become a fan of the page. It asked me to add the app (and then delivered this request).

So, I allowed.

Next, it took me here (see below). A slick ‘landing page’ that is personalized to me. It touts the fact that I can buy tickets without leaving Facebook. Which I guess is interesting, but I’m not sure why that is a selling proposition. It’s positioned as a plea to buy tickets with friends — which fits into the theme of Facebook and friends.

Still, it was able to show me where I could actually see the show. Since I was down the path of buying tickets, that’s valid data for my purchase decision.  And that’s interesting. There’s also a promotional element to it. This all feels very microsite-like. But an app.

Wired recently told the story of a company that decided not to get all the data that Facebook offers brands.

What do you think? Cool. Creepy?

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