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Nucor: Top B2B creative of the decade

June 15, 2010

It’s not often that I use blog posts to sing the praises of colleagues, but this is a big deal. B2B Magazine has named our work for Nucor a candidate for top Creative of the Decade. Here’s the blurb they wrote:

“Nucor’s ads burst on the scene in 2006 with “Factory,” and the company’s success in marketing hasn’t slowed since. Its campaigns have been recognized in BtoB every year since because it positioned itself as eco-friendly early and built off that platform logically, breaking a steel industry stereotype with a dose of risk. In 2009, commuters on the Metro in Washington, D.C., did a double take when they saw Nucor’s inventive executions on the ground—messages with the headline “Distinguished people of Washington, may we have the floor.” Nucor then continued, reminding onlookers that it’s the U.S.’ largest recycler (props from our editors!) and it’s not only looking out for our environment but our jobs. Bold, controversial advertising is applauded here, because not only was the to-the-point message consistent, but so was the crisp imagery, the deep green hue and creative use of placement. More companies should follow Nucor’s lead—build on what works, but stay slightly outside the box. Nucor’s efforts have sure made us think twice about the steel industry.”

B2B Magazine's top creaive of the decade

Good show EMA. Check out B2B Magazine for other possible winners and vote for your favorite.

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