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My Journey to a free Taco

July 17, 2010

Step one, I see this ad in the stream on Digg.

Two things about this ad caught my eye:

1. We have some clients who are giving away free food.

2. The landing page is Facebook. (see the URL, it’s

So I clicked and landed on Facebook.

And I like the page, which took me to one of those “Allow Del Taco to see your profile”, which generated, finally, this coupon with my name on it.

So there you go. From, to a landing tab on Facebook, to a personalized coupon for a free Taco.

Some things I don’t like:

1. This interaction cost them money. And yet, the closest Del Taco appears to be hundreds of miles away from me (I can’t tell you, their mobile site didn’t work, and I can’t be bothered to look up to see locations). They could have easily Geo targeted this. Or maybe they couldn’t. Maybe Facebook wouldn’t let them exclude people from the offer. Still, that they bought Digg without buying locations seems like an epic fail. The click on Digg cost them money, and I ain’t gonna redeem this.

2. What’s with coupon #45? Am I the 45th person to take this journey? That seems low, but it’s also content that is irrelevant to the consumer. If you needed numbers for a hard count, start at 1021, and count from there. You know your code, don’t start at zero.

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