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Five things to love about Old Spice

July 19, 2010

#1. It all came out of a good idea that was executed well. The TV spots are great. If you haven’t seen them, stop reading blogs.

#2. The video responses to people were true digital responses. They weren’t TV spots placed online.

#3. It took more than a creative team, it took an integrated team of people.

#4. Clients will want this. So they’ll have to look at their process. The ‘responses’ where approved on the spot. This is no small feat since the client is Proctor and Gamble, a huge company with what must be a massive approval process. Social media/digital thrives on speed. If a client wants this, it will have to change the way it operates.

#5. Agencies will want to do this: This is the end of the silo. The team at the agency wasn’t just a copywriter and an art director. It included more people with titles that didn’t exist 5 years ago.

A subservient chicken moment.

This is a moment where a big agency did something different for a big brand, and people took notice. This was brilliant, and different on so many levels. This can’t be emulated by a social media expert who has tens of thousands of follower. This can only be executed by a smart ad agency.

One that refocuses. I honestly think that the titles of people at agencies will change drastically in the next decade, and we’ll point to this summer, and even this event as the catalyst. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but I really think as clients demand ideas like this from agencies, they will have to retool.

In an age where the screens and choices consumers have are immense, the current model leaves all idea creation to two people, one who does the words, and one who does the pictures. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be involved, just saying that more people should be invited to the party.

Or the party will move elsewhere.

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