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Every page is a home page

July 30, 2010

Every page of your web site is the home page.

When we first started doing websites, we wanted to take people through a journey from the flash-enabled front page, to the product, service, or thing they needed. Google doesn’t want to do that.

When people type something in search, Google doesn’t want to take them to a story from a brand. Google wants to take them to a thing.

So every page is a home page.

But you know what?

Every social media page is also a home page.

Because Google will deliver a LinkedIn page. Or a Facebook page. Or the YouTube channel in results.

Especially if certain pages are optimized for certain key words.

Brands can still map linear journeys for people. But the days of a website having a wire frame that doesn’t include social media sites is fast coming to an end. And the day where people think of “routes through their site” as being the only route people take is over.

Some routes should have a search engine.

Some should have social media. And those should interchange.

It’s a mess for brands.

But Google’s after making simple journeys for people.

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