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Anyone can be a marketer

August 2, 2010

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In a world where anyone can be a marketer, there’s bound to be crap. Indeed, we marketers talk about “breaking through the clutter”, and the clutter is created by us.

So we have to solve the problem we created.

And when I say we, I’m talking about the people who have no idea what they are doing. I’ve met them (they are especially prevalent in a world where social media is big). This isn’t meant to be an insult. There are people who are excellent at a certain part of this business, but don’t excel at the bigger picture.

I’m sure that good sales people think the same thing. That the crappy sales people ruin it for the rest of the good ones, painting the entire profession with one brush, when there really should be more.

So back to marketers.

In a profession where people can one day just say, “I’m a marketer now”, there are bound to be some hacks. Hacks aren’t the easiest things to spot because a lot of marketing is team orientated.

But one sure-fire way is to take a well-known ad campaign and ask them to give their thoughts. “What do you think of that old spice campaign?” Follow it up with “why do you think it was successful (or not successful, if that’s their opinion)?”.

The answers will illuminate.

From designers to account people, media to social media, there are people who have no real business being in this business. But since the cost of entry is low, they get in. And they create content.

Or clutter, if you prefer.

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