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Not social media 101

September 12, 2010

Here’s some stuff you should know about digital marketing.

It’s all about goal setting.
Start with a defined goal. How will the goal in this part of the marketing plan fit with the goals in other marketing plans? It’s not something that was done with the internet.

We need to put up a website.


Because everyone else it.

Like having a website for no reason, having a Facebook page for no reason is daft. If you don’t have a goal, and you can’t articulate how it will be achieved, then stop now. This is marketing, not magic.

It’s about sharing.
YouTube has billions of videos for two very simple reasons: people like to share. As a people, we’ve always like to share. Sharing is really talking, and talking is a very social thing to do. It’s an accident that we decided to give the vast majority of our free time to something as unsocial as TV. As we get more wired, we get increasingly social again.

It’s not a fad.
Google wave is gone. Friendster crawls along, and MySpace syncs to Facebook. But these are merely tools. Tools will come and go. Sharing on the internet in social networks, that’s the part that’s here to stay.

Banner ads are digital media.
Err. No. that’s back when we thought this was all just advertising, or direct response, we thought banner ads where enough in a web 2.0 world. But to be clear, that’s not sharing, that’s telling. Marketers are trained story tellers, when it works, banner ads are maybe a tiny part of it. But if that’s it, then please google Social media 101.

Okay then, all we need is a MySpace or Facebook site and we’re in business.
‘Fraid not. It might be a start, but like any good start, it needs a plan. What’s the goal? (See #1). Without a goal, your page on Facebook will be one of the many thousands that will never me looked at.

It’s free.
I think we screwed up when calling this media. Media costs money. We don’t call websites Brand Media (then talk about how free they are). It’s free to place a page on Facebook. It’s free to have a Twitter feed. But it’s free to have a brochure in your front lobby. But like the brochure, the creation of the content ain’t free.

It’s easy
Nope. You know what? Brochures are easy. So are full page print ads.

Wait. Anyone can do them.

But, you get what you pay for. Hire an intern to run your Twitter feed, and you get a Twitter feed run by an intern.

Agencies can ignore Share Marketing.
No doubt. There are a number of good reasons to stay away from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, Yelp, Second Life,, Joost and the many other places online that are working to build a community of people. There are pros and cons to most of these, and they are being updated all the time. There might be a perfect opportunity for a brand online in a tool that is about to come out of Beta. But you better be looking for it.

Social Media is only for kids
I know of a 66-year old man who just started using a computer. The first program he used was Skype. The next one just might be Yelp. You know this isn’t for kids anymore. But you don’t know who it is for.

You can measure it.
If you have a goal, you can measure against that goal. if you simply start using a tool without a goal, then what would you measure anyway? But keep in mind, this isn’t magic. Some of these tools are more like Billboards than they are direct mail packages. You can’t perfectly measure a billboard, and you can’t perfectly measure sharing. But if it does work, then you have the chance to have something great.

Because we have a term for when sharing works: viral. We can never promise it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. It starts with the idea, then moves to getting the idea out there using everything at our disposal. Right now, everything could and maybe should include share marketing.

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  5. October 10, 2010 1:58 pm

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