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The Droid or the iPhone?

September 16, 2010

At EMA, we have lunch and learns every week talking about digital things. They are a really interesting way to collaborate and learn.

Recently, we did a panel debate on the iPhone versus the Droid.

Here’s my take. But first, my two favorite companies are Apple and Google. I have a an iPod touch and a Nexus One Google phone.


If you have a mac, and you’re looking for a phone, get this one. When you plug an iPhone into a mac, magic happens. Apple suite of iThings syncs so well with an iPod, iPhone, iPad that it’s almost ridiculous.

I can take a movie with a little camera. Add it to my Mac, import it into iMovie, add some clever little graphics, maybe a tune from Northern Pikes, and then export to my iPod. And this is easy as it sounds.

If you enjoy podcasts or want to listen to your own music, then Apple is the way to go.

If you want to enjoy your own pictures and movies, then Apple works.

Apple connects your multimedia better than any company. If you want your multimedia connected from your mac to your phone, then go i.


I have the Nexus One, and it syncs with Google in ways that make me almost cry. Gmail rocks. Google Voice means never calling voice mail. Google Maps with navigator means never getting lost. Goggles, Translate, Search….

Did I mention search?

My phone knows my searches. So lets say I need to go somewhere. I’ll go to a desktop and type it in, and map it on Google maps. Then, when I get to my phone, I can use the voice and it will pull up the right location because it knows it was relevant to be earlier.

The Droid flat out finds things better than the iPhone. That doesn’t mean the iPhone can’t find things, but it means Google finds it better. On my Droid, a search for a person will pull up their contact and their Facebook page.


I personally don’t think the iPhone AT&T thing hurts the iPhone. That said, there’s sort of deja vu going here, where the part of Apple 1984 is played by Apple, and the part of IBM is played by Google.

Apple revolutionized the home computer. And for that, it has legions of fan boys who worship Woz and Jobs. And rightly so. But there was a time, not long ago, where the closed-minded, we’ll only sell the hardware for our software almost put Apple out of business. Apple was on the verge of being gutted, because you could buy dozens of different PC’s, but only one Apple.

So here we are again. You can buy dozens of Droids. But there’s only one iPhone.

I don’t know where it’s going. But it’s deja vu.

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